Heirloom Quality Frames

I make my pewter picture frames with an attention to old-fashioned quality that is hard to find these days. Only the purest lead-free pewter is used in my castings and each piece is polished and hand-worked to reveal the softness and warmth that is unique to this special material.

Each frame is decorated with brass ornaments originally stamped from dies dating as early as the late 19th century. These iconic findings influenced both American and European fashions and furnishings back in the day. They were used in jewelry, handbags and shoes, as well as for creating detail on fine wooden furniture, clocks and frames.

My current collection of frames and pewter gifts reflects my love of artistry and of times gone by. I hope that my work finds it way to the hands of future generations so that the cycle of nostalgia can continue.

- Julie Munafo