Julie Munafo's image library of pewter and brass picture frames.
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updated 03/06

Butterfly frame with pictire of Claudia the cat/


Wedding photo displayed in Rosette picture frame.


Rabbit with Bow frame with picture of a tree in Oregon.



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Mermaid 4x6

Moose 5x7

Moon 2x3

Morning Glory 5x7

Music 3x5

Oakleaf with Acorn 4x6

Owl 2x3

Owl & Pussycat 3x5

Painter 3x5

Palm Trees 3x5

Pea Vine 3x5

Pea Vine 5x7

Pegasus 3x5

Piano 3x5

Pig w/ Acorn 2x3

Rabbit with Bow 4x6 (rt)

Rabbit with Grapes 2x3

Reindeer 3x5

Reindeer 5x7

Rhinoceros 2x3

Rooster w/ Grapes 2x3

Rosette 3x5 (rt)

Sailboat 2x3

Sailboat 4x6

Saxaphone 2x3

Seahorse 2x3

Sea Shells 2x3

Snowfakes 5x7

Squirrel 2x3

Squirrel 3x5

Stag w/ Boughs 3x5

Sun 2x3

Sun & Sea 3x5

Sun & Sky 3x5

Swan 2x3

Theatre 3x5

Trombone 2x3


Turtle 5x7

Vines 4x6

Wreath of Grapes 2x3

more listed weekly.........

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